Friday, April 24, 2015

Two Friends

April 24, 2015                              Two Friends                          The Rev. Nancy E. Gossling

Part of the cathedral’s ministry, and MANNA (Many Angels Needed Now and Always), is to provide a space for creative writing. The space is for everyone in general, and for the homeless community in particular. I decided to check it out.
When I entered the room, Jesus invited me to take a seat anywhere at the table. A dozen or so people were busy writing. Soft music was playing; and I was given a prompt sheet. It began and ended with a “thank you.” There was an invitation to quiet our minds, listen to our imaginations, and pay attention to our interests. Directives told us to use strong words, details, and our senses. There was also a quote for the day.
Forgetting myself for a moment, I chose one of the topics, and began to write:

Two Friends”

I went to the museum on Sunday to Find God
I went with a friend who calls God “the Universe”
We found God sprinkled and scattered all over the lawn:
in sculptures made by human hands, and those made by God.
we found creatures in the dark disturbing images of destruction, and
we found our Creator in the light filled houses of glass
There were two hearts:
side by side on the lawn, larger than life, and made of steel
a good thing, I thought; for hearts are frequently broken, sometimes even crushed Friendship can make dark times bearable;
they can even open new pathways to God.
There were two birdhouses:
in the swamp and near some water, simple in design and color
a good thing, I thought; for Friendship can provide shelter from the storm
especially when you’re in the swamp
There were two friends:
walking side by side and sitting together
two journeys divergent and now joined in creative adventure
pencils and cameras in hand, they captured the day with words and images
a good thing, I thought; for beauty lies all around us and within us,
often times seen only in the eyes of the Beholder gazing upon the Beloved
a good thing, I thought; for whenever two or three are gathered together
I can see Christ
at the Table and in the Museum,
And I can begin and end my day with “Thank you.”