Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Sharp Word

The Rev. Nancy E. Gossling

A sharp word
A critical comment
Even some angry rants.

I always wonder
What’s up with that?

Hard not to judge
Daily work to consider
What part of the Body am I playing.

I take these things to heart
I feel the jab and the blow.
Shall I be the feet and run?
Or the hands that defend?
Bear arms to retaliate? Or just

Needs. I hear. I have needs.
For love, for value, for equality.
She felt diminished.
He reacted in self-defense.
They bore wounds of injustice.
I was an easy target.

Her words knocked me down.
His actions hurt.
They took the wind out of my sails.
I was wrong.
Unfair. Misguided. Mean-spirited.

Maybe so.

The small voice whispered again.
Soft words, gentle winds.
Bearing arms, fruits, gifts of the Spirit.
We all have needs.
Love, value, equality.
What parts of the Body will we be?